The correct way of opening a coconut

January 24, 2010

My father’s third notebook in Singapore was fashioned out of ‘The “Justso” Investment Register’ made by Henstocks stationers of Bristol. Curiously, it was labeled ‘Book B’ on the inside cover though it was the third of his Singapore notebooks in chronological order; the second, equally curiously, having been labeled ‘Book C.’

The first entry has to do with “the effect of certain gargles upon septic substances.” The second reads like a tropical parody of Mrs. Beeton.


The correct method of opening a coconut is to:
(1) punch two of the three micropyles (one of which is easy to pierce) & drain off the juice.
(2) Lay the nut on its side in the palm of the hand & strike it across the middle with a sharp heavy instrument. The nut will then crack transversely & break into two halves.

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