Killing chickens, ducks & geese

May 30, 2009

The notes contain many observations about the culture and and cuisine of the Malay, Chinese and Indian populations in and around Singapore.  I don’t know whether the following note about poultry killing comes from my father’s observations on Pulau Teking or Pengerang — presumably he didn’t have time to write them all down — or from what he heard or saw at Changi.  At any rate, it was written during his first few weeks of captivity.

Method of killing chickens, ducks & geese (Chinese & Indian)

“Both these people kill their poultry by cutting their throats with a knife, sometimes plucking the area where the cut is to be made beforehand.  The incision is a straight cut across the throat just below the base of the beak.  The cervical joints are rarely severed. After the cut has been made, & blood has begun to spurt out, the fowl is thrown up into the air as far as possible.  The victim uses its wings to control the descent & tyhe exertion causes more blood to drain away.  After a minute or so the bird is dead.”

Book C, 93-94

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