Where to begin?

April 27, 2009

The notesThis blog is about my father’s experience as a POW in Singapore during World War II, as understood through the clandestine notes he kept while in captivity.  But where to begin?  The notes amount to over a thousand pages and while they are broadly chronological cover a very wide variety of topics, often within a single page. At the same time, I know relatively little of the history of World War II in general or the ‘fall’ of Singapore in particular.  I bring no professional expertise to this project, in other words; simply a personal interest.

I am hoping that this blog will provide a convenient mechanism to bring some of my father’s notes into the public arena.  But of course it will also be something of a personal journey.  It is  one that will veer off down all sorts of  side roads and byways before it is over but then I’ve always rather liked journeys like that.